On-Hold Messages for Law Offices

On-Hold Messages for Law OfficesYou’ve worked hard to build your reputation as an attorney of distinction, providing your clients with a high level of professional services and consistently giving them the best legal representation possible. For clients, the first step in this process is usually a phone call to your office, which is why most firms have robust answering services. But no matter how many receptionists are standing by to answer phones, it’s inevitable that most, if not all, callers will need to be placed on hold for some amount of time. Having well-thought-out messages for people to listen to as they wait can turn what might have been an inconvenience into an opportunity. At Worldly Voices, we record professional on-hold messages for law offices that keep callers informed and engaged while they wait to speak to a live representative.

Your Messages, Our Voice

For more than two decades, Worldly Voices has been the company to turn to for any type of voice recording. We’ll record your on-hold messages at our professional studio in Nashville. You’ll be able to choose from our pool of highly skilled voice artists, all of whom have years of industry experience. Possible on-hold message topics for your law office might include:

  • Your firm’s practice areas, address, and hours of operation
  • Cases you’ve successfully litigated and award settlements
  • Information callers should have on hand when they speak to an attorney
  • The educational backgrounds of your attorneys and their professional affiliations

We also have an extensive library of royalty-free music you can incorporate into your on-hold messages. And if your firm specializes in areas with a high volume of non-English-speaking clients, such as immigration law, we can provide certified translation services in all of the world’s most-spoken languages.

To learn more about our on-hold messages for law offices, contact us today. When it comes to choosing the best partner for all your voice recording needs, it’s an open-and-shut case: Worldly Voices is the one you want on your team.