Certified Translation Services That Will Never Leave You at a Loss for Words

Certified Translation Services

If your company plans to record information in a foreign language, Worldly Voices can provide certified translation services in conjunction with our voice recording services to ensure your message coveys everything you need it to in an assured, concise manner. Effectively communicating with your customers is a critical part of forging a positive corporate image and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings. Additionally, an increasingly diverse global marketplace requires fluency in many of the world’s most-spoken languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, and Arabic. Worldly Voices offers certified translation services for each of these and more. As part of our commitment to your total satisfaction, we always provide a transcript of the completed translation for thorough review, so you’ll be able to make any necessary changes and give final approval before your recordings are made. Of course, if you want to supply your own translation, we’ll be happy to provide professional voice recording services for your foreign language script as well.

Expert Translation Services for a Variety of Audio Needs

At Worldly Voices, we only use native speakers to guarantee proper diction, syntax, and inflection. Our certified translation services are therefore ideal for:

  • Voice prompt recordings – Providing multiple language options in your company’s IVR system demonstrates a commitment to offering equal accessibility for all of your customers. It also reduces the chances of callers becoming frustrated or discouraged as they navigate through the menu options.
  • Voiceovers – Whether it’s a corporate training video, prerecorded telemarketing messages, or website narration, we can provide the audio you need to connect with your target audiences.
  • Multimedia productions – From PowerPoint presentations to interactive touchscreen displays, we’ll make sure you’re always able to express yourself in language that is clear, precise, and fluent.

When you turn to Worldly Voices for certified translation services and professional recordings, our friendly and responsive staff will work with you to provide competitive pricing and ensure a speedy turnaround for your project. Coupled with our decades of experience, top-tier voice talent, and state-of-the-art recording facility, Worldly Voices is the sound choice for all your voice recording needs. Contact us today for more information and a free price quote.