IVR Prompts for Credit Card Companies

In our previous blogs we’ve discussed the many ways professional voiceover services benefit companies both big and small. From long-haul trucking to local florists, our industry really does serve all. But did you know it can be even bigger than that? It can go global?? That’s right! And IVR prompts [...]

Voice Recording for Florists

It’s summer and we are ready for all the pretty things to BLOOM! Including your business! Now, in previous blogs we’ve discussed how the wide-world of voice recording helps businesses both big and small, but did you know it can also make the world a bit more beautiful? It absolutely [...]

Voice Recording Services for Credit Card Companies

Recently we’ve looked at how professional voiceover can help smaller, more local businesses thrive. In today’s blog, we’re excited to discuss some bigger picture stuff. In fact, we’ll be looking at voice recording services for credit card companies and how this industry can’t afford to not have professional voiceover on [...]

Translation Services for Automated Phone Surveys

In previous blogs we discussed how important certified translation greetings are for businesses like doctor’s offices and government services. However, we really believe in accessibility for all, and that communication with clients who speak a different language doesn’t stop at initial contact. I mean, you want to get feedback from [...]

Saving Your Voice from Spring Allergies

It’s April and it’s safe to say spring weather is officially in the swing of things! The flowers are bright and blooming, the pollen is popping, and (if you’re anything like us) your allergies just can’t seem to catch a break. However, just because it’s spring outside doesn’t mean voiceover [...]

Voiceover Services for Telematics

In the past, we’ve written about how integral professional voiceover services are for GPS systems and GPS support. Let’s face it, a family vacation in this day and age wouldn’t be the same without it! However, in this week’s blog installment, we want to go a little deeper into the [...]

Certified Translation Services for Doctor’s Offices

If you thought we were done making connections between the world of professional voiceover and the world of the medical industry, you were wrong! We can’t quit this topic because there is too much goodness not to share! Since we’ve been in this business for more than 20 years, we [...]

Voice Recording Services for Outpatient Facilities

We’ve been in the professional voiceover business for more than 20 years. So, it’s no secret around here that the professional voice over industry influences all types of business no matter what they do. However, did you know that voice recording services for outpatient facilities is one of the best [...]

On-Hold Messages for Educational Institutions

It’s that time of year again. New students are receiving calls they’ve been admitted to programs both professional and undergraduate. High school seniors are embarking on campus visits for the first time. Parents of young children are trying their best to find the right magnet or private school for them [...]

Voiceover Services for GPS Navigation

Let’s face it: long gone are the days since we relied on a trusty paper atlas courtesy of Rand McNally that we had stuffed in the glovebox. For more than a decade, travelers of all kinds have used GPS services connected to their cellular smart devices to get where they [...]

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