5 Key Tips for Character Development in Voice Acting

In the realm of voice acting, creating a memorable character extends beyond a distinct voice—it's about understanding the essence of the character, its nuances, emotions, and journey. Just like actors delve deep into a role, voice artists must explore their characters to provide professional voice recordings that resonate with listeners. [...]

Voice Gym: Soothe Your Vocal Chords this Season with this Recipe

If you’re a Starbucks regular, you likely are familiar with the go-to order for those who are feeling a bit under-the-weather. The Medicine Ball tea is a customer favorite for soothing a sore throat, or providing some internal calm and relief during a nasty winter cold. Being in the Voice [...]

Voice Gym: Exercise Your Emotional Range in Voiceover

In our last few blogs we’ve detailed why we think the human voice over will always be more powerful and more in-demand than the AI technology built to replace it. We discussed how nuanced context and emotion are factors only humans can bring to the table, and even more so, [...]

Why AI Will Never Replace Voiceover Translation

In our last blog, we discussed a few reasons why AI will never replace the human voice. We spoke passionately about how the voiceover business is people-centered. We shared our beliefs that everything that’s great about this business is because of human talent, craft, and personality. In this new blog, [...]

Why AI Will Never Replace The Human Voice

AI seems to be infiltrating every part of our world these days. From visual art to Chat GPT in college papers, it’s a problem that many industries are tackling and one that we’ve been thinking about for a few months now. So, the question remains: will AI replace voice actors [...]

Keeping Your Voice Healthy During Summer Heat

Summer is here and the temps are up!! But what does that mean for voiceover artists who work hard year round in their home booths? Oftentimes when we think about the weather affecting our vocal performances, our mind flies to winter–the cold and dry air, or even worse, flu season. [...]

Voice Gym: Professional IVR Prompts to Integrate into Your Practice

In the last installment of voice gym, we talked about opening our physical body to the practice of voiceover with side stretches, breath work, and warming up our MLT (mouth, lips, and tongue). In this new installment we’ll talk about how practicing the scripts themselves can be incredibly helpful to [...]

Professional VOIP for Customer Service Centers

It can be difficult for large businesses or corporations to make sure people get the help they need exactly when they need it. Customer service centers are a great solution to this problem, and professional voiceover is key to making these centers run smoothly. Be it customer service at a [...]

Out of Office Greetings for Summer Holidays

Warm weather is quickly approaching, humidity is creeping in, and summer itself is on the horizon. Be honest, is your business totally ready? It can be! Summer holidays can be especially tricky to navigate for business owners when it comes to making their clientele well aware of special summer hours. [...]

IVR Prompts for Hospitals

The hospital system is a complicated arrangement. Most hospitals have different campuses; those campuses have different wings; those wings have different floors and different offices–so on and so forth. So what happens when a family member wants to call and find information about someone who is currently in the hospital? [...]

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