Top Voiceover Trends for 2020

Let’s face it: voices have always dominated mainstream media. From the iconic and wise voice of Morgan Freeman to the off-the-wall Robin Williams to the haunting Vincent Price, you can’t escape the way a voice gets in your head...and stays there. Even the newest additions of voices in technology (Alexa, [...]

The Famous Voices of Christmas Past

Picture it: the day is merry and bright, cheer is all around and in the hearts of our loved ones, and Christmas Eve is finally here! Now, whether or not Santa leaves a present or coal under your stocking isn’t our business, but you can be sure that a few [...]

Best Voice Over Practices for 2020

We at Worldly Voices have happily provided professional recording services worldwide for more than 20 years, and in a plethora of different languages. From IVR to VOIP and beyond, we have gathered a team of talent that we’re immensely proud to share with the world and that we learn from [...]

The Gift of Voice This Holiday Season

Winter marches onward and our holiday voice over coverage continues. In our last blog, we covered how professional voice over and IVR recording services for eCommerce are hugely beneficial, but did you know that as a voice over talent your gifts can BE a gift this holiday season? That’s right! [...]

Give a New Voice to Black Friday This Year

November is in full swing which means just one thing… Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is quickly approaching!! But how can you capture the attention of customers when almost every store in America is running enormous sales? It’s easy: by using custom IVR recordings for eCommerce and giving your customers that [...]

The Spooky Voices of Halloween

The wind has picked up, bright leaves scatter the ground, and spooky season is finally here! We at Worldly Voices love to celebrate holidays, so we thought we’d take a break from our regularly scheduled tips and tricks to celebrate some of our all-time favorite voices of Halloween. Come along [...]

How Voice Over Boosts the Real Estate Business

Let’s face it, in the real estate business staying connected is critical. Agents are busy keeping constantly connected between sellers, buyers, title companies, and more. It’s hard not to let something (or someone) fall through the cracks! But did you know that professional voice over recordings can help streamline the [...]

The Finances of Professional Voice Over

Everyone can agree that the technological advances of the last decade have revolutionized the banking industry for the better. As systems become more and more fully automated, customers (and banking agents) alike are given more autonomy, which results in a better relationship between people and their money. But how does [...]

How Voice Messages Make a Big Impact

We often think of “on hold messages” as unimportant, as a hindrance, as a WAIT...full stop. But what if we flipped the script on that thinking? What if we told you that say, on hold messages for pharmacies can transform from a “hold the phone and wait” moment to a [...]

Voice Over Translation in Real Time

We’ve talked a lot in the past about the importance of having on hold messages for VOIP, particularly for a variety of different businesses, but what happens when you need immediate voice translation services? How can a real-time conversation be facilitated across nations and languages? We’ve got some great news [...]

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