Professionally Recorded Automated Coronavirus Phone Surveys for Schools, Offices, and Healthcare Facilities

Automated Coronavirus Phone SurveysYou’ve undoubtedly heard the term “uncertain” a lot recently. How about “unprecedented”? Sound all too familiar? We’ve all been navigating through uncharted territory, and we will continue to be for the foreseeable future. But just because we’re living in “uncertain” times, it doesn’t mean we can’t adapt to the new reality of life during a global pandemic. In fact, adaptation is not only possible, it’s an absolute requirement if we are to minimize the spread of Covid-19 as well as its social and economic impact. This is true not only for individuals, but also businesses, educational institutions, doctors’ offices, and anywhere else people continue to gather in groups. One part of this tapestry of responsible behavior is making sure those returning to the office or classroom after an extended leave are properly screened to ensure they do not pose a health risk to others. Automated coronavirus phone surveys can provide a simple and effective way to begin the screening process, and Worldly Voices is the company to turn to for affordable, professional voice recordings that will guide callers through this process.

Screening Made Easy

For more than two decades, Worldly Voices has been a trusted source of voice recording services for a wide assortment of businesses, organizations, and institutions. We’ve earned the loyalty of our partners by providing concierge-style customer service tailored to their specific needs. When you turn to us for automated coronavirus phone surveys, you can expect:

  • Your audio files being recorded at our professional studio to ensure they’re of the highest quality
  • Being charged by the prompt rather than the hour, so you’ll never end up paying for unused studio time
  • The timely completion of your project and the files delivered to you in the non-propriety format of your choice

Our staff can also help you polish the script for your automated coronavirus phone survey so it accomplishes all your screening needs. And if you already have a script you’re happy with, feel free to upload it here for a complimentary price quote.

Living in uncertain times doesn’t mean rolling the dice and hoping for the best. Reach out to Worldly Voices today and together we’ll put the odds of successfully transitioning back to a traditional work or educational environment in your favor.