Tips on Script Building that Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Worldly Voices has over 20 years experience taking scripts and turning them into voice over prompts, therefore we are uniquely able to give your business tips on creating an effective script that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

Scripts are something that customers will eventually hear and need, so a script should then be written as directly and simply as possible. Customers need their calls directed to the right department, and they need directions delivered with ease. Drafting scripts with this in mind, will help build customer satisfaction.

“Hello, Thank you for calling!”

Begin with a polite greeting. Starting off the script with a polite greeting lets the customer know their call is appreciated and important to the company. Customers want to know that even on an automated system, their problems and questions are going to be answered and that they will end the phone call with their needs met.

Short and Sweet

When writing your script, keep messages short. Customers won’t effectively remember long messages. Make scripts easy to understand the best way you can. Make your script polite and the message direct, this will keep customers alert and able to correctly answer the touch key prompts delivered.


Tell calling customers what numbers to press at the end of the message. They are trying to pay attention to the entire call, and therefore are likely to forget numbers if they aren’t mentioned towards the end of a line. This way, they will be directed to the department they need without any extra frustration.

Popular First

Put the most popular option first. Callers want to be helped promptly, so putting the most frequently asked for department option first, gets the customer served faster.

Avoid Miscommunication

Say zero when you mean zero. Not, “oh”. This will help callers type the right numbers in correctly the first time and minimize frustration and miscommunications.


Worldly Voices has been in the industry a long time and have recorded millions of prompts. We can attest that the script quality can directly affect customer satisfaction and efficiency. Worldly Voices works with their voice artists to make sure that a client’s well-crafted scripts are delivered as authentically and professionally as possible.

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