Increasing Phone Survey Feedback

Business owners know that customer feedback is correlated with customer satisfaction, and business owners also know that the easiest way to go about attaining that feedback is by conducting a survey. There are several ways to get these surveys to customers, but the easiest and most cost effective way of doing this, is via an automated phone system.

Convenience is key. Customers are more likely to respond to a survey if it’s made easy for them. People are busy and receiving a survey by mail, may just be too much to remember. However, survey via phone call isn’t only best for the customer, it is best for your business too. These automated surveys have the ability to gather and input data. All this without having to hire an entire team of people to conduct questionnaires.

Make the survey as direct and short as possible. You want the customers to feel like they’re being heard, but they are also doing you a favor by taking the survey and so you don’t want to take up all their time.

Allow the customers to feel like they can be open and honest about their experience with your business’s services or products. Don’t lead their answers, so make sure to create questions that customers can answer without bias, relying solely on their personal experience.

The truth is that surveys are a task, but they are a task that is symbiotically beneficial to both your business and your customers. Surveys are crucial to the growth of sales and also to customer satisfaction.

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