Best Voice Over Practices for 2020

We at Worldly Voices have happily provided professional recording services worldwide for more than 20 years, and in a plethora of different languages. From IVR to VOIP and beyond, we have gathered a team of talent that we’re immensely proud to share with the world and that we learn from every day. That’s exactly why, we wanted to make a list of great tips on how 2020 can be the best year of your professional voice recording life!! Whether you’re just getting started with your professional voice over career, or are looking to tweak a few facets to better your practice for 2020, we have a few tips on ways to enhance the power of your voice:

1) Take Care of Your Voice

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Especially in the winter months. Hydrate with lots of water, drink hot tea, avoid foods that thicken your mucus like dairy, and above all else… no shouting! Your voice is vital, so show it love and treat it right. If you get the slightest bit hoarse just listen to yourself and do what you need to do to protect your greatest asset.

2) It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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The number one most complimented aspect of popular voice recordings is cadence. Pacing is important because you not only want the caller on the other end of the line to be able to understand what you are saying, you want the information to in some way emotionally resonate with them as well. Don’t be afraid to go a little slower than your normal speaking voice… let them marinate in it!

3) Always Be Prepared

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Our last, but certainly not least, tip is to fully prepare yourself for your session in the recording booth. Familiarize yourself with the script, practice enunciation and articulation before you get there, and we can’t say this enough, but DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Your confidence when recording your professional script will come across in the recordings, so be prepared for your big day ahead!

If you’re a voice actor looking to join a studio team, please contact us! We’re always looking for new talent and translators and would love to see if Worldly Voices is a good fit for you!

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