Cold Weather Tips to Keep Your Voice Warm

Okay, okay, we give up. It’s officially winter. The temperatures have drastically dropped and as we know in the voice recording business, that can mean big trouble for our vocal chords. Coughs, sore throats, and colds start to wreak their havoc…But we’ve got a few great tips on how to counteract the wintery weather and keep your voice healthy this year.

1) Hooray for a Humidifier!

Central heat and air are fantastic when it comes to keeping you cozy at home, but they can be disastrous when it comes to your voice. By using a no-heat humidifier during the winter months, your space won’t dry out and your vocal chords will stay hydrated.

2) Remember: The Nose Knows!

This one can be difficult to not only actively remember, but perhaps might be difficult to put into action when the temperature is far below freezing….but believe us it’s worth it! When you breathe in and out through your nose when you venture outside in the cold, you are actually benefiting your voice. You see, your nose moisturizes your air intake as it passes through your nasal cavity, while at the same time protecting your throat and vocal chords from dust and allergen particles. It also warms the air, which lessens any drying effects. When it comes to keeping our voices healthy in winter, the nose is the real MVP.

3) Warm Up with Warm-Ups

This one seems obvious…but we just can’t help ourselves. It’s so important to keep your vocal folds limber this time of year and the easiest way to do that is by practicing your vocal warm-ups before going into the studio. In fact, to achieve your best results in the booth, be sure to let your entire body warm up before warming your voice up…and it doesn’t hurt to wear a scarf!

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