Four Hot Tips to Grow Your Professional Voice

As Nashville’s very first VOIP voice recording studio, and with more than 20 years of experience in professional voice recording and IVR under our belts, we’re committed to hiring the very best voice talent Nashville has to offer. We also provide translations in 35+ languages. This means we’re always eager for the best and brightest voices in each language. When voice actors have mastered their craft… We know.

If you’re just getting your start in the voiceover game, we’ve got some helpful tips for you to help grow your voice:


The tip of the tongue, the teeth, the lips, these are you articulators! Enunciate your words. Make sure that everything you say is clear and not mumbled. All of our certified voice talent at Worldly Voices know how to form each word for optimal clarity. It’s key!

Script Familiarity

Take the time to understand the script before you go into the studio to record. This will help you phrase sentences to create a flow easily understood by listeners. It will also give the recording a more natural sound, which will put the customer at ease even if they’d rather not talk to a recording.

Be an Actor

The best voice talent can put themselves in the script, whether your script is for a bank or for a medical trial, adjust your mind so that you can fit the script you are reading, this believability will enhance the quality of your recording.

Pace Yourself

Professional voice actors know all about cadence. Something, which is arguably, the hardest to master. Pacing is important because you want the caller/customer to not just hear what you are saying, you want them to understand it. Find the tempo within the script and then allow your voice to follow that cadence to create a captivating recording.

If you’re a voice actor in the Nashville area, or are looking to grow your business with one of our certified voice translations, please feel to reach out. We’re excited to connect with you!

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