How IVR Can Help Retail Business

If you aren’t using IVR and automated voice message systems to help drive your business’s sales, you should be. Not only can IVR increase company sales, but it can save your business money.

IVR in regards to retail is really the most efficient way to drive sales as well as time management. Using an automated system means your business can increase customer service. By optimizing customer service via telephone, the idea is that sales will then rise.

The uses of IVR in business are many:

-Ordering Product:
Customers are able to find and order products via the phone, as well as locate stores nearest to them, or even have 24/7 access to order needed items.

-Gift Cards:
IVR for gift card management means streamlining customer service calls to an automated touch-key menu allowing for answered questions without compromising employee productivity.

-Promotional Hotlines:
Using IVR for promotional purposes means gaining the ability to target marketing to specific customers, hundreds at a time, to remind them of new product. Which will in turn spike company sales and increase business.

-HR Applications:
Besides the benefits IVR provides customers, IVR can also assist employees. IVR systems can inform employees of weekly schedules, policy changes, store hours, as well as reminders for internal meetings or promotions.

-Customer Satisfaction Surveys:
Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of sales that quick and easy surveys can monitor. These surveys done through IVR are simple and effective ways to help customer satisfaction and make changes as necessary.

IVR applications enhance business efficiency as well as time management of call agents/employees. But utilizing IVR phone systems for your retail business, will not just save you money, it will make money.

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