How to Ask a Client to Leave a Review

Once a finished product is recorded, sent off, and approved it can be awkward to ask the client to leave a review on your website or Facebook business page. However, it really shouldn’t be.

As an industry professional it is okay to ask for your clients or customers to praise a job well done by encouraging them to leave a comment on one of your medias. These reviews are important because customers like to read positive reviews on products they are spending money on, and your voice or voice-over recording studio is a product or service you are selling.
But because it’s only human nature to occasionally feel weird about asking for compliments, here are some ways to go about requesting this favor professionally:

Simply Simple
Make leaving a review easy. Send an email to them along with the finished product and either drop a link to your website’s comment page or even easier ask them to send an email back for you to use as a quote on your site.

Respond to Reviews
You’re Welcome’s are always polite after thank you’s. The same is true for positive reviews, respond to them! Let your client know that their business was as appreciated as the finished product you made them.

Ask ‘Em
Go ahead. Don’t fear their response, if a business you were paying for asked for a review, would you feel uncomfortable? Chances are, you probably wouldn’t. So just ask your client for a review, they’ll probably be more than happy to accommodate and praise the work you have successfully completed.


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