How to Sound Your Best in the Recording Booth

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Hey there! It’s us again. As voice recording professionals, we know our business is just as much about what happens out of the booth as what happens in it. Let’s face it, our voice is our instrument, and we really only get one chance to treat it right. This time of year can be especially hard on voiceover artists because allergies can feel deadly, but we’ve got a few great tips and tricks for you to put your best take forward when it comes to taking good care of your voice. Here’s a few small ways you can sound your best when you enter the booth:

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

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Nothing is better for your voice than a healthy dose of H2O. Seriously. It’s widely proven that the easiest way to improve your vocal health is through hydration. When you up your water intake your body reduces the thick mucus that forms in the back of your throat this time of year, which allows you to combat allergens better. We love a good cup of hot water with mint or lemon at the studio on days that pollen gets especially bad. Try it for yourself and see the improvement!

  1. Small Stretches Make a Big Difference

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Ok, ok we know this one isn’t something you’ll see in your routine voice recording tips blog, but seriously…stretching helps! Small neck and shoulder stretches can help you maintain great posture, which helps you sound and feel your best in the booth. If you’re in the middle of a long recording session try the 20/2 rule–get up every twenty minutes and insert some movement into your body for two minutes. This is also a great way to break up those sedentary hours in front of the mic between takes!

  1. Try Breathwork!

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We know what you’re thinking…first stretching and now breathwork?! What is this? A healthcare blog? However, hear us out! The best sounding vocals maintain excellent breath support, and breathwork classes provide exercises and techniques for keeping your lungs healthy and strong. There are many types of breathwork that provide framework for systematic ways of using your lung power, so if one doesn’t work, there are many you can try that fit your speed and style. Trust us when we say it can make a huge difference in the long run of a voice recording career!

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