IVR and Medical Billing

One of the many scripts Worldly Voices records, are voice prompts in regard to billing. This function of call systems saves everyone time and it will save your business money.

Imagine calling dozens, even hundreds of customers at a time, using a recording, to inform them of payments due or past due. Pairing this with a system that allows customers to call and pay via phone, relieves your business of having to hire an employee exclusively manage these calls. Not all customer calls need to be handled by a live person, and for basic billing, a call system makes perfect sense.

Freedom from having to pay an employee to answer phone calls is only one of the perks of automated billing. It also frees callers from having to wait in on-hold purgatory. A caller can call, enter their information, and then either be transferred to a billing person, or they can continue the automated process, allowing them to enter their credit card information and resolve all billing issues. Almost everyone has a credit card these days as checks lose their popularity, and so IVR in regard to billing makes everyone’s lives easier.

These systems are also more than capable of leaving informational messages for customers. They provide all the information needed to handle their billing situation as fast and simply as possible. Customers love fast and your business will love saving money-as well as earning it!


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