Keeping Your Voice Healthy During Summer Heat

keeping your voice healthy

Summer is here and the temps are up!! But what does that mean for voiceover artists who work hard year round in their home booths? Oftentimes when we think about the weather affecting our vocal performances, our mind flies to winter–the cold and dry air, or even worse, flu season. However, the extreme heat of summer can prove to be a voice killer too…that is, unless you prepare for it and keep your instrument properly maintained. Here are a few ways of keeping your voice healthy and at peak performance when the temps reach new heights.

1. Watch Out for Dehydration

keeping your voice healthy

If you haven’t heard it from your primary care provider lately then let us say it to you loud and clear right here right now: DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Dehydration is the number one way to stress out your voice during the summer months and it’s especially prevalent when the temperatures are high like they have been lately. Even if you don’t live in an arid climate like Arizona or Colorado, a daily regimen of a couple liters of water is the key to success when it comes to keeping your voice healthy and your vocal cords lubricated and ready for the booth.

2. Keep an Eye on Your AC

keeping your voice healthy

This next tip might be the hardest one to follow this time of year, but watch out for your air conditioning this summer as it can wreak havoc on your vocal performance. While the sweet breeze of central air conditioning might keep us nice and cool, it takes all the humidity out of the air around you, leaving your voice to dry out in only a few hours. When your throat is too dry it can irritate your respiratory system, which then triggers a cough, and we all know how devastating a cough can be when trying to get our voice right for recording. One way to mitigate this harm is by not keeping your AC on too cold a temp and bringing in a humidifier into the room that feels most dry in your house. If you do have to crank your AC up for any reason, keep some lozenges around to soothe your throat in the meantime.

3. Fruit is Your Friend

keeping your voice healthy

One of the best ways to take good care of your vocal health is through a well-balanced, proper diet. It’s no surprise that fruits and vegetables top the list of foods that give you the best nutrition, but did you know that fruit (especially citrus fruits) also can keep your voice hydrated? They can! Lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit are incredible additions to your favorite summer foods list as they’ll keep your voice smooth and strong. Add a little cucumber or blueberries to your water for better flavor! That way you stay hydrated and your taste buds can have a little party at the same time.

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