Professional Voice Prompts and Why They’re Important

voice prompts

When people often think of “voiceover,” their minds immediately fly to cartoons, to TV commercials, or to the radio advertisements they hear while commuting to work every day. And while that association is not wrong, there’s still a whole world of voice recording that’s working hard behind those more glamorized Disney scenes. These more popularized styles are more of a job of exception, not the rule. In fact, one of our favorite kinds of voice work that often gets left out of many “best of” lists is the professional voice prompt. That’s why we want to dedicate this blog today to the real unsung hero of voice recording: IVR voice prompts!

voice prompts

The professional voice prompt is something many people have experienced, but far too few think about its origins, or how it is made. Take, for example, you receive your water bill in the mail and see there is a minor discrepancy in the cost of this month’s bill. You realize you need to call the water company in order to set things straight. When you call the water company, you’re greeted with a professionally recorded voice prompt that will lead you straight to the customer service representative you’re looking for… what a gift! 

In the years before professional IVR, you would make an initial call to the company you’d need to speak with and then, in turn, be guided to employee after employee in hopes to finally reach the assigned service representative you needed to speak with. You would have to ask for your party’s extension several times before reaching the right voice. This wastes precious time and energy for both callers! It’s a total headache. With professional IVR voice prompts, all parties are less stressed and can easily help get that water bill paid with the press of a few buttons.

voice prompt

This kind of convenience doesn’t just exist in larger governmental or corporate companies, but can benefit businesses of any size! It’s a way to keep your employees free from tied up phone lines and your customers happy with a streamlined level of service they receive when they call. If you’d like to learn more about professional voice prompts and more of our voice recording services, please contact us! We’d love to show you why partnering with Worldly Voices is a great move for your business.

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