Silence is Golden: A Quiet Trick to Great Voice Over

In the twenty-plus years we’ve been recording professional voice overs in the Nashville area, we’ve picked up on a trick or two. For instance, tidy scripts are the most effective, always do a test round to make sure the nerves are all out and everything is being picked up properly, and finally (and most important)… that cadence is king.


The real trick to great voice over is to not be afraid of silence when creating and recording professionally. For many longer scripts (eLearning, books on tape, etc.), long pauses are crucial for listeners to absorb information and fully process what they’re being told before moving onward to the next subject or chapter. By using silence effectively, you keep your audience not only on their toes, but fully checked in; they can easily know when an important moment in the lesson is occurring or when something is also being emphasized on their activity sheets or computer screens.

studio microphone

We love these “good silences” and encourage you to use them in your voice over cadence; and the real beauty of these moments is… the audio won’t be the center of your listener’s attention… their material will. Having a smooth and properly paused recording allows the audience to concentrate on the material at hand. They will be able to better absorb it and 1) be able to perform well on their homework assignments or 2) will come back to purchase more books on tape in the future. Either way, a smooth voice over yields repeat business.


So now that the secret’s out, it’s time to find the perfect narration voice and get to work! We have a variety of talented professional voice over artists on our roster to choose from, and can record translations in a diverse array of languages. By choosing a trusted voice over studio to record and master your next eLearning material, you are ensuring that your audience will retain knowledge and your classes will succeed.

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