Spanish Voice Overs and Why They Matter

The United States of America. The great melting pot. We are a country made up of many different people and we at Worldly Voices think that’s a pretty beautiful thing. In fact, in many cities, you can walk down the street and hear a variety of different languages at any time of day. We believe (for this very reason) that it is important for all businesses to have a plethora of voice over translations to make their products and services accessible to a wider audience. Today, however, we want to talk about why Spanish voice overs matter and how professional voice over translation is a complete and total game changer.

spanish voice overs

According to the US Census Bureau, more than 41 million people in the US speak Spanish fluently. Forty-one million. That’s huge! So many people! And projections show that this number will only grow more in years to come. While this number alone make Spanish voice overs not only a want, but an absolute NEED in today’s society, there are also many complexities of generational language preferences (many younger generations will fluently interchange between English and Spanish, while older generations may prefer to communicate solely in Spanish alone). Each country has different regions, which have different accents, which require different inflections and verbiage… Honestly the possibilities are endless!

spanish voice overs

Now, back to the 41 million people. That’s a huge demographic of folks who have the same wants, needs, and disposable income as English-only speakers, and if you’re a business owner wanting to grow their customer base, it’s absolutely imperative to tap into this growing market. By utilizing professional Spanish voice overs for small businesses and Spanish IVR recordings for call centers, business owners are making their product(s) more accessible than ever to this massive demographic. And having an array of specific Spanish accents and dialects spoken by professional native speakers makes a huge difference. It just so happens we have some of the best professional Spanish voice over artists in the country and are adding to our voice over talent list all the time!

If you’re interested in learning more about the ways Spanish voice overs, or are a Spanish voice over artist specializing in translation, contact us! We’d love to discuss how a partnership with Worldly Voices is right for you.

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