Translations and the IVR/Voice Over Industry

Worldly Voices is a Voice Over recording studio that specializes in the production of voice prompts as well as translating prompts into over 35 languages.

These professional translations are paramount because many of the productions handled by voice over recording studios are for the medical field, and this is a delicate process especially since the translations can be used to instruct patients on proper post-surgical care as well as proper use of prescriptions medications. Voice over recordings can also be used for training videos given to doctors, teachers, technical employees, and really any tactical job requiring instructional help.

Many studios work on a global level, they do work with hospitals and businesses in many different countries and therefore these studios use experts to translate voice prompts accurately.

Studios that provide translations are especially important now because of the growth of global markets. Because of the growth of the internet and technology, the world is more connected than ever. This connectivity has made it so much easier to trade and communicate with partners regardless of language barriers.

IVR and automated response systems have evolved into the most effective way to communicate instructions and customer service. By utilizing IVR technology, businesses, colleges, government, and the medical field are able to reach a broader scope of people, making it possible to relay the most correct instruction and help.

Worldly Voices caters to this growing need for global communication by providing translations in 35+ languages as well as possessing the ability and technology to record and produce professional sounding voice overs. They have over 20 years experience recording for medical applications, health care, banking, and much more. Their widespread knowledge of the Voice Over and IVR industry makes them uniquely capable to create expert work as well as accurate translations.


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