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Health. Automotive. Homeowners. Worker’s compensation. Name a reason you might need to be insured and we can tell you that there is a type of insurance that will cover you… But it is a tricky industry to navigate. With so many plans, premiums, claims and billing inquiries, trying to navigate that world in a second language is a treacherous path. Translation services are essential to the insurance industry, and it is no surprise that more and more agencies are adopting diverse language variations to suit their growing needs.

By offering translation services of multiple languages, you are solidifying effective communication and customer relationships for years to come. The good rapport your business achieves with these clients will not only retain lasting relationships, these same clients become brand ambassadors. Many insurance companies still thrive off referrals and by using professional voice over translation services, your non-native english speakers who are seeking clarity when it comes to their insurance policies will tell their friends and family to go with a company that keeps them in mind: yours.

Voice Samples

When you think about diversifying the languages you offer, you might also want to consider diversifying the different messages you offer in each language as well. There are many different scripts to consider when refreshing your professional voice recording. Comparing rates and plans, customer service, and a featured breakdown list of policies are all options to consider when writing scripts for your new IVR voice prompt.

We’ve been recording these prompts for more than 20 years in the Nashville area, and have multiple languages you can choose from; let our talented roster of voices start connecting you to your customers today!

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