Voice Actors in the Studio

To get the best result from your voice acting studio production, it takes the creative and technical efforts of both actor and studio to produce the best sounding prompt. It takes the partnership between actors and professionals in the voice over recording industry to guarantee a client’s satisfaction and these tips are sure to help the process along!

It’s Not About Speed
It’s not about the speed of how many words can be read per minute, it’s about speaking clearly and concisely with precision, inflection, and keeping consistent tone and volume. This is important because scripts sent by clients need to be understood over the phone, therefore it is imperative that a voice talent actually not speak too fast.

Dialect, Tone, and Talent Variety
For studios like Worldly Voices, it is helpful to have a catalog of voice talents, because it provides clients the ability to choose the voice that best reflects their product and demographic. If talents who can read multiple languages and still sound native, it could mean more job for the talent as well.

Skills Needed for Delivering your Best Product
Experience and practice are important. It takes time for a voice talent to perfect their craft, especially for IVR. When recording for an IVR application, voice prompts, have to be recorded with the right inflection and tone to help an IVR concatenate those voice prompts to make complete sentences sound flawless without being robotic or unnatural.

Following these tips makes recording studios like Worldly Voices, able to produce quality products that satisfy their clientele.

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