Voice Over Work and Medical Trials

Voice Over studios and medical trials may not seem like they have any common business, but actually they have more to do with each other than you’d think.

Within recent years, the voice over industry has begun to work more and more with the medical field recording training videos, voice prompts for surveys, and instructional messages for patients on how to properly utilize their medicine.

These recordings are critical to some trials, because it allows all facets of participants, doctors and patients, to have access to the information they need, whenever they need it. And because this information is so crucial, it’s important to make sure the prompts are translated and spoken as simply and accurately as possible.

Studios, like Worldly Voices, are capable of handling these prompts because they hire professional and experienced voice talent to record the important information needed. Using a studio will ensure that information is communicated correctly and without error. They are also capable of translating prompts into different languages, which is key for trials needing to bridge the language barrier.

Medicine and its advancements are a global need and therefore having the ability to successfully translate and record a script expertly, could be more than life-saving.


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