Voice Recording for Medical Offices

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Medical systems and offices often talk to one another. They send necessary information via the internet quickly, often before a patient even leaves the office. For instance, say you’re seen at one doctor’s office but then need to be referred to another doctor across town for further procedures. However, first you’ll need to receive imaging at another third location before that next visit. But what if the hours of operation for those locations are not available? What if, when you google that location, no information pops up about suite numbers or parking? This is where voice recording for medical offices comes into play to give everyday folks the information they need to make important decisions.

voice recording for medical offices helps a woman sick in bed on the phone

Professionally recorded voicemail messages are a huge way voice recording for medical offices help patients with important information they need. On these voicemails different doctor’s offices can leave their hours of operation, their location and services, as well as requests to leave a message and who the message should be directed toward. This is a HUGE help to people who call after-hours in a scramble or are looking for help with when the best time to call the next day would be. Voicemail is a small but mighty way to make patients feel cared for even when doctor’s are already gone for the day.

voice recording for medical offices helps a woman at work make a doctor's appointment through IVR prompts

Another important way to help patients out when doctors and administrative staff are busy is through IVR prompts. IVR prompts allow professionally produced voice recordings to steer patients directly to the person or information they need. Do they need the radiology extension? Press 4! Are they looking for bills and accounting? Press 9. These prompts can also link patients via phone directly to different suites inside medical offices or hospitals. This is especially helpful when there are 20+ suites in one building, particularly because hardly anyone ever remembers what department belongs where.

If you’re interested in learning more about voice recording for medical offices, or how it can help doctor’s further their care for patients, please contact us! We’d love to discuss how Worldly Voices is the perfect partner to professionally record IVR prompts and voicemail messages for your office.

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