Voice Recording Tips to Fight Spring Allergies

It’s finally March! Spring is beginning as the clover starts to peek up from the unfrozen ground and the old, cold weather of winter is starting to fade. However, this time of year can be especially hard for a voice recording artist’s instrument! As we prepare to get excited for the oncoming sunny weather, we also want to keep in mind that spring weather often brings a plethora of allergies and upper respiratory related colds…both of these are tough to tackle and fight against when you’re in the voiceover industry. To combat this, we want to share some quick and easy tips we try to keep in mind to save our own voices during this time of year. So follow along and find out how you can be good to your ear, nose, and throat this season! Here are some easy ways to save your voice as the bees buzz and the pollen starts to sweep across the city.

1. Rest Your Voice

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We know it’s especially tough during the pandemic because so much of our connections these days rely on talking through zoom or a phone, but if at all possible: REST YOUR VOICE this spring! Reducing the time, amount, and volume of your voice helps thin the secretions it produces, which drops your risk of damage or infection tremendously during this season’s onslaught of allergens. Instead of calling your friends and family directly, try texting or emailing them…or maybe even get back into letter writing for those long, lost friends you haven’t spoken to in awhile! Decreasing the  thick mucus that builds up as you clear your voice and speak does wonders once you’re in the booth, and all that quiet time will be worth it when you get into the studio and start recording those IVR prompts and on-hold messages with ease.

2. Stay Hydrated

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The best (and easiest) way to give your voice a little TLC this season is to drink plenty of water. We’re talking TONS of water. Staying hydrated relaxes the elasticity in your throat, which makes it easier for your vocal folds to produce vibrations when you actually do need to speak. Allergy medications can often make you feel dried out, especially in your throat, and drinking an extra few ounces of water can combat this side effect. Room temperature water is best. Keep a jug with time markers with you throughout the day and make sure you’re hitting your marks. The more water you drink, the better your voice recordings will sound in the booth!

3. Eliminate the Hard Stuff

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Sure, we know the voice recording industry is hard (and we all have our vices), but eliminating caffeine and smoking does wonders for your vocal cords anytime of year, but especially during the harsh allergy season of spring time. Your throat dries out this time of year due to the increase in pollen, grass, and dry air, and while these two things alleviate stress or fatigue for short periods of time… they will actually wreak havoc on your vocal cords in the long run. If you were thinking about quitting before, let us tell you that now is the time! Save your vocal cords for future endeavors and you’ll sound even better when you step in the booth.

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