Voice Recordings for Dementia Patients

voice recordings for dementia patients

One of our favorite things about working in the voiceover industry is how a simple day’s work can change the lives of thousands of people. For instance, did you know that professional voice recording is a huge asset for hospitals? Or that voice recordings for dementia patients can help recover the patient’s long term memory? We love that our industry gives caregivers all around the world the help they need to give their patients a better chance to live a full and eventful life. Thanks to special IVR prompts and translations, our voice recordings for dementia patients can do exactly that.

voice recording for dementia patients

Let’s start at the beginning…because you must be asking what in the world does voice recording have to do with dementia patients?! Well, most cognitive assessments for dementia always include an auditory portion of the test. This can be for many reasons, but one of the most important facets is that most of these patients do best and most clear on their exam when being led through each question by a confident, unbiased, professional voice. During these tests doctors use audio recorded by voiceover professionals like us to assess each patient’s response. This is especially helpful as doctors are able to focus their full attention on the patient’s behavior rather than gearing themselves up to ask the next question. Our voiceover talent has recorded a variety of scripts for healthcare research teams, and we are always in awe of the difference these recordings make in each of these patient’s lives.

voice recording for dementia patients

Another way we see voiceover recordings for dementia patients thriving is through the use of voice assistants. A need for virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa (among many others) are growing every day, and particularly within the dementia community. There has even been evidence of NYU’s School of Medicine using professionally recorded voiceover to help doctor’s with data entry! With more than twenty-five years in the voiceover business we are more excited than ever to see how our talented team of professional voiceover artists can make such a difference in the world, and we look forward to seeing where the industry can go from here! 

If you’re interested in our expertise and would like to enlist our services for a professional recording for dementia patients, contact us! We’d love to show you the many ways partnering with Worldly Voices would benefit your team.

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