Ways IVR Systems are Used in the Insurance Industry

Communications technology is the main force of change for the insurance industry. And in order for insurance companies to remain competitive, they need to adapt to installing an automated call system, a sequence of prompts and recordings that customers can call and navigate through via touch-tone or voice command. This IVR system will easily help customers get their questions answered quickly and easily.

IVR systems can do several functions via phone:

File a Claim: Claims can be entered fast with IVR, Customers can call identify themselves and then they can register their claim. After this, the customer is then transferred to the correct department to process the claim.

Claim Status: IVR can allow customers access to the status of their claim. Customer could have access, too, to the following information:
-Type of loss
-Effective date
-Payout amounts or dates

3) Payment reminder: Once the caller is verified as the customer, the system can easily inform the customer about upcoming or late payments.

4) Account/Policy information: Callers can call to update policy information, access balance
inquiries, and coverage provisions.

Installing an IVR system would prove more than beneficial for the insurance industry, giving callers convenient and instant access to information regarding their policies, claims, and account.


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