What Happens After your Phone Systems Crash?

When your phone systems crash, you aren’t immediately alerted. In fact, you may not figure it out until it is discovered later by some coincidence. But how long was service down? How many customers called and weren’t able to receive help? Your business could be dealing with backlash from the system outage.

So, what exactly is immediately effected?

-New Customers: These are people new to your business calling to have their questions answered but couldn’t because your phones were down. These customers are not familiar with your business and its normal high-functioning customer service.

-Sales Team: Your business’s sales team are the most affected by a crashed phone system. If customers and new customers can’t call in, your sales teams can’t sell. This not only affects employee morale, it also directly affects sales and revenue.

-Customer Service: Reputation is key. If customers are calling for reasons that require quick action, and your business’s automated system is unavailable, they could be angered enough to spread negative reviews or go to your competitors.

These are pretty severe consequences for a downed phone system, but they are real. The best way to prevent situations like this from happening, is to routinely monitor your phone systems. Make sure someone is keeping track of the phone systems so that you are more likely to discover a crash when it  first occurs and then repair them quickly.

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