Why Knowing your Demographic is Important

Before writing a script to send off to be recorded and produced, it is key to understand your own business and the audience, or customers, it’s trying to reach. This is called a demographic, and it is important for every business that needs marketing or works with people.

Demographics give your marketing team a direction to move forward in, a goal of sorts. These are the people and customers your business is providing services for, and the demographic can change depending on the promotion of a product or service. Discovering a demographic is important specifically for voice over work because you want to choose a voice that targets your preferred audience, helping create an auditory aesthetic that makes sense.

To choose a demographic, sit down with your marketing team and learn about your products/services. Decide who these products/ services are aimed to help and then build a script with words and a voice talent that will best represent customer needs. It should sense. If your business is in banking, choose a voice with an older and more professional tone, this will best represent your customers who are typically calling about serious matters, a professional sounding voice will help customers feel taken care of even though they are on the phone with an automated system.

Studios, like Worldly Voices, cater to these needs by providing a catalog of voices while also providing translation services into over 35 languages. Translations are important because they widen the scope of your business’s perceived audience.




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