Why Medical Voiceover Narration?

We get it. There are many different paths one can take when getting into the voiceover industry: brand voicing, audiobooks and eLearning, documentary narration… The list can seem daunting and endless. So we understand why medical voiceover narration didn’t jump right out at you. However, we’re here to tell you why maybe it should.

Medical voiceover narration is a particular form of voice acting that can oftentimes be more consistent and rewarding than the more commercial paths of the industry. I mean, think about it. It’s your job to use your voice to relay complex and clinical information to those who need it most. Patients and doctors alike rely on these services to seek more information about their current situations…And you’re doing it in a compelling and clear way. That’s huge!

Bringing life, passion, and enthusiasm to a more dry and clinical script is a tremendous accomplishment because you’re not only transforming the material, you’re transforming the listeners memory. When the brain hears an animated and enthusiastic voice, it remembers more than it would if the voice was monotone or uninterested. Your voice could actually trigger a memory in someone’s mind so they can help remember sensitive and important information! Breaking down this information for people to understand could mean life or death in some situations, so keeping the importance of the subject matter in mind is one way to help guide your reading of the material.

Do you think medical voiceover narration could be right for you? Are you interested in expanding your translation voiceover talent into the medical field? Contact us! We would love to discuss the different ways that Worldly Voices might be the studio you have been looking for to meet your professional voice artist needs.

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