Why Picking the Right Voice is Important for Your Business’s Demographic

As a business, you want to put forth an automated message system using a voice that best fits your company’s or product’s demographic. There are many different sounding voice talents, with different dialects, accents, and timbres, and these are all wonderful, but for branding purposes, you want the voice talent you use to best reflect your business’s aesthetic.
While there are many freelance voice over artists, you can save your business time and money by using a professional studio to produce a prompt. This makes sense because studios, such as Worldly Voices, have an extensive voice catalog along with the long time know-how to get your company the product best aligned with the demographic or brand associated with what is being promoted, informed, or sold.
For example, using a a young and energetic voice on a training video for a medical trial, could prove unwise, as the voice could be distracting, and the student listening could potentially miss important information. This is just one situation of matching a voice talent to aesthetic and product. The voice used should be the one that makes the most sense for whatever is being promoted or expressed.
Worldly Voices makes this decision easy because they’ve been in the industry for over twenty years, but also because they can translate prompts in over 35 languages. What this means for your business is that it lends the ability to reach customers, patients, or callers everywhere. Eliminating any misunderstandings that do bridge language gaps, because studios such as Worldly Voices hire actors to speak different languages fluently.
Making sure your business is properly represented is not only helpful in caller understanding, but also because of marketing. Training videos, surveys, Message on Hold, tone-touch recording, etc. all need to be performed by experienced talent and produced by experienced voice engineers, this helps guarantee your business’s most successful endeavor and product.


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