After Hours Greeting from Our Favorite Halloween Characters

In our last blog we explored and played around with what we think our favorite movie monsters might leave as a professional after hours greeting. We’re excited to continue inviting their iconic voices to shine during this spooky season as we branch out to examine some spooky voice spots!  Without [...]

An After Hours Greeting from Your Favorite Movie Monsters

It’s October! This is undoubtedly one of our favorite times of the year here at Worldly Voices. We love the crisp fall air, the hot apple cider that fills our bellies, and Halloween draws nearer each day…what’s not to love?! This October, we want to dedicate the entire month’s blogs [...]

On-Hold Messages for Hotels

Let’s just go ahead and admit the obvious: everybody loves a vacation! It’s a fun way to give yourself and your loved ones a little bit of self-care while exploring a new (or favorite) place in the world. Hotel reservations are on the rise in 2022, and not slowing down [...]

After Hours Greetings & Why Businesses Need Them

Imagine this: It’s dinner time. The kids are running around the house letting out the last of their energy for the day. The tv blasts a familiar sitcom from the living room. You’re in the kitchen cooking lasagna and doing a mental inventory of what still needs to be done [...]

How to Save Your Voice When the Seasons Change

The end of August always feels like a shift in season. The humidity of the summer backs off, the temps drop (even if only slightly), and the nights get a bit more cool, a bit more chilly as we sneak our way into a new season. So, how do our [...]

Professional Voice Prompts and Why They’re Important

When people often think of “voiceover,” their minds immediately fly to cartoons, to TV commercials, or to the radio advertisements they hear while commuting to work every day. And while that association is not wrong, there’s still a whole world of voice recording that’s working hard behind those more glamorized [...]

Voice Recording Services for Manufacturers

More than anything these days, consumers want easy answers to hard questions. If something goes wrong they want to fix it and they want to fix it fast. But what happens if the washing machine breaks and you already lost the manual? Or customer service is out of office for [...]

IVR Prompts for Utility Companies

We talk often about how voiceover work reaches far beyond what many people think. How it goes beyond commercial and narrative means to touch parts of our everyday lives most people would never dream to imagine. One of those everyday parts that voiceover can’t help but touch (and make better [...]

IVR Prompts for Credit Card Companies

In our previous blogs we’ve discussed the many ways professional voiceover services benefit companies both big and small. From long-haul trucking to local florists, our industry really does serve all. But did you know it can be even bigger than that? It can go global?? That’s right! And IVR prompts [...]

Voice Recording for Florists

It’s summer and we are ready for all the pretty things to BLOOM! Including your business! Now, in previous blogs we’ve discussed how the wide-world of voice recording helps businesses both big and small, but did you know it can also make the world a bit more beautiful? It absolutely [...]

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