A Career in Voice Over: Where to Start?

There’s nothing we love to see more than when new voiceover artists step into the limelight and truly begin to develop their talent. After all, there is always room for more voices to belong in the world, not less. We’ve got a couple of surprising places that you might not [...]

How VOIP Helps the Insurance Industry

As anyone over the age of 26 knows, the insurance industry can be a tricky business to navigate. Clients are constantly calling to connect, communicate, and interface with a voice that can help them gain a better understanding of their exact coverage and its costs…. So what can be gained [...]

Why VOIP Helps the Hospitality Industry

Let’s say it is summer. Let’s say it is peak tourist season and you are looking to grow your tourism and hospitality business. Let’s say that engaging with your customers early is an almost absolute guaranteed way to make them a return customer, as well as refer their friends and [...]

Voice Recording Services for Local Governments

At long last, another election cycle approaches, and with people more involved in politics than ever, both local and federal offices are sure to see a huge upswing in constituent phone calls. It comes as no surprise that both local and federal governments must find a way to accommodate citizens. [...]

How Voice Over Services Boost Retail Sales

Retail and customer service issues… It’s a tale as old as time. Now that the hot weather is finally here, tourist season in major cities is peaking and summer shopping is on the rise. But how do you not leave your customers who call out in the cold when business [...]

How Voice Over Helps Universities Thrive

When we think of colleges and universities, we often think: researching in libraries, tailgating and seasonal football games, or other scholarly pursuits. Grading essays and textbooks often float to the front of our minds, but the Academy (like many things in life) is so much bigger than our first thoughts. [...]

Voice Over and The Automotive Industry

Imagine with us for a moment, if you will, the different sounds that come to mind when we mention the word, car. The rev of an engine. Probably a horn. Oftentimes when the automotive industry comes to mind we think of tires squealing before the sound of a human voice… [...]

Give a New Voice to Vacation

Let’s be real: we all need a break sometimes. We get stressed from work, the day-to-day grind, and honestly, who doesn’t just love a vacation? In today’s travel savvy world, tourists and globetrotters alike turn to the Internet for all their booking needs, however, that doesn’t mean the Internet alone [...]

Voices, Health, and E-Learning Narration

Now, we know that when you make a living off being a professional voice over artist, the health of your voice is everything. But did you also realize that your voice could mean everything to health? In our last blog, we discussed what a great opportunity medical voice narration is [...]

Why Medical Voiceover Narration?

We get it. There are many different paths one can take when getting into the voiceover industry: brand voicing, audiobooks and eLearning, documentary narration… The list can seem daunting and endless. So we understand why medical voiceover narration didn’t jump right out at you. However, we’re here to tell you [...]

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