IVR Prompts for Educational Institutes

The end of summer is near. The bells ring loudly through the halls and children dressed in their first day best race to find their seat in class. And while teachers are all geared up for a new adventurous school year, it’s often the busiest time of year for school [...]

Voice Recordings for Dementia Patients

One of our favorite things about working in the voiceover industry is how a simple day’s work can change the lives of thousands of people. For instance, did you know that professional voice recording is a huge asset for hospitals? Or that voice recordings for dementia patients can help recover [...]

Professionally Recorded Greetings for Any Industry

The world is opening back up. Life is returning to normal. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is finally getting back into the swing of things. So, the question now is how can businesses keep up with the sudden increase of clientele, especially with so many of them still [...]

Best Practices for Using Voiceover Translation

The global market is expanding every single day and the need for certified voiceover translations grows right along with it. In the last year, COVID-19 ushered not only a new way to engage with customers across the globe, but a new consumer experience in general. More people than ever before [...]

Translation Services for Telecommunications

It’s no surprise that in today’s growing global economy many businesses already have some kind of translation service in mind, if not already in practice at their establishment. However, many times this translation can often be tricky. We’ve seen that sometimes it is 1) recorded by an amateur or 2) [...]

Professional Auto-Attendants That Help Your Business (Pt. 2!)

So let’s take a second to recap: in our last blog we explored the wide world of professional auto-attendants and how having one can benefit any business. But honestly, we love them so much we really can’t stop there… In fact, there’s so much to investigate in this field that [...]

Professional Auto-Attendants That Will Help Your Business

It’s no secret that professional auto-attendant messages are the key to providing exquisite customer support. And of the thousands of professional messages we’ve recorded in our 20+ years of business, these are by far some of our favorites to produce. So we wanted to take some time and show some [...]

How to Sound Your Best in the Recording Booth

Hey there! It’s us again. As voice recording professionals, we know our business is just as much about what happens out of the booth as what happens in it. Let’s face it, our voice is our instrument, and we really only get one chance to treat it right. This time [...]

Our Salute to IVR Phone Prompts

Every adult that has ever called a business has experienced an IVR phone prompt at some point in their life. The funny thing is, most don’t even know it; and even fewer register what a difference one of these makes. They are instinctual. These simple and easy informational messages provide [...]

Why Voice Recording Services for Dental Practices is a Must

The value of clear, concise, and credible information is key during communications with any medical professional. However, this clarity and trust is especially helpful when a dentist visit is involved. Now, we at Worldly Voices feel like dentist visits get a bad rap. It’s surprising that even in 2021 approximately [...]

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