Voice Over Trends to Come in 2021

And so it came to pass that we made it to the end of 2020. For many of us, we didn’t physically travel too far, but we definitely ventured through the longest, most intense terrain year of our lives, and most certainly one fraught with new situations and uncertainty. But [...]

Celebrate The Famous Voices of Christmas

While most of the year our blog is dedicated to the important facets of the voiceover industry that keeps it running, such as voice recording for doctor’s offices or IVR prompts for banks, but every December we like to mix it up a bit. We like to get festive. This [...]

Voice Over We’re Thankful for this Holiday Season

Hard to believe we’re already about to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020….What a wild ride of a year, right?! As the year begins to wind down, and the holidays quickly ramp up, we thought we’d take a minute to dive headfirst into the spirit of Thanksgiving and share a few things we’ve [...]

A Beginners Guide to Auto-Attendant Recordings

While it might not be the first to come up in the exciting world of voiceover, the wild world of auto-attendant recordings is imperative for any business with a large number of calls. We’re a big fan of auto-attendant recordings at this studio & we wanted to shine a light [...]

Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is | Voice Over for Credit Unions

Over the years we’ve recorded for businesses both big and small, both locally in Nashville and for clients all across the world. We love knowing that sometimes our professional voice recordings get heard by thousands of ears, and yet sometimes they stay small in order to help nurture small community [...]

The Necessary Call for Voice Over Work During COVD-19

The pandemic brought a strange new world to all kinds of businesses. There are those who swapped in-person to purely virtual, those who decided to go a hybrid route, and those who didn’t get lucky enough to make it at all...but what about those businesses (like doctor’s offices) who unflinchingly [...]

How Strong Voice Over Builds Business

While the future feels unforeseen, and people feel farther away than ever due to quarantines and social distancing, it’s critical to make sure your business keeps its human touch; even when it comes to your voicemail. A professionally recorded, interactive voice response is the key to keeping business running smoothly [...]

Home Recording in the Age of COVID

How beautiful it is that we live in the age of technology that we do? Where even when we are miles apart, or socially distant, we can still come together and achieve great things. While we miss having our talented group of voice over artists live in the studio, we [...]

How Professional Voice Over Can Boost Small Businesses

Like all of you, we’re doing everything we can to keep up with the current state of affairs and ways that we can help during the ongoing global pandemic. We’ve examined different ways that professional voice over recordings can be of service, and  even how these recordings can help navigate [...]

How Voice Over Can Help Navigate Unemployment

We’ve discussed in recent blogs the many ways that professional voice over services can help during the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, this service has already helped tremendous amounts of medical offices, insurance companies, and business phone trees to boot! Yet, there is large territory and a looming factor in our [...]

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