Help Your Patients Stay on Track with Automated Voice Messages

Home life. Personal life. Professional life. Admit it: our lives stay full. We lead crazy, busy lives. So many mundane things get in the way of the important dates. So many big things. Those little errands and unexpected long days. The lack of sleep that makes everything fuzzy. They push [...]

The Transformative Power of Automated Messages

The global banking industry is ever-growing and the need for more connection and the understanding to navigate this world grows with it. We’ve got a few reasons why our certified voice translations make sense to improve your business: 1) Experience a Wave of Productivity Look at it this way: if [...]

How Certified Voice Translations Can Benefit Your Ecommerce

Take a moment (if you will) and calculate the number of hours you spend online a day. Now, multiply that and find your number for the week.  How much of that percentage are you searching for online purchases? Any kind of online purchase? With Facebook and Instagram advertising at an [...]

Four Easy Ways to Avoid Being Hacked

It can happen to anyone. One minute your business is thriving and the next, you’ve been hacked. The risk of losing everything you’ve worked so hard for is scary, and actually getting hacked can is frustrating beyond all measure, but the good news is that here are ways to prevent [...]

Four Hot Tips to Grow Your Professional Voice

As Nashville’s very first VOIP voice recording studio, and with more than 20 years of experience in professional voice recording and IVR under our belts, we’re committed to hiring the very best voice talent Nashville has to offer. We also provide translations in 35+ languages. This means we’re always eager [...]

Three Ways Your Business Can Be More Inclusive

It’s become highly evident throughout the last few years that inclusivity is important. Making people feel welcomed, heard, and respected are among some of the most important things you can do for your customers, especially in fields like banking, medicine, and education. Representation is more important than ever, and because [...]

No, Millennials Haven’t Killed Automated Call Centers

Look, we get it. It’s easy to blame millennials. We can just as easily blame them for avocado toast as we can for the failing of certain technologies. But in all reality, Millennial interests change so quickly because technology changes… and so does what they can access. This makes for [...]

Why Certified Translation Services are Important for Your Business

The world is big. We know this. To communicate effectively with each other (and more importantly your customers), clear messages are key. That’s because creative communication services aren’t just an American need, they’re a global one. People need to know the exact information they came to you for in the [...]

One Simple Way to Give Your Customer Service an Upgrade

As a business owner, you want to make the best decisions to further your revenue. To do that, it’s important to know what your customer base is interested in purchasing. Luckily, we know that no matter the purchase, your consumers want quality customer service and will consistently spend more when [...]

Voice Broadcasting & How It Can Help Your Business

Before the Internet, and long before social media, companies and other communities needed a cost-effective, mass communication technique that allowed them to broadcast hundreds to thousands of  messages to their audience simultaneously… and from that great need, traditional voice broadcasting was born. Voice broadcasting is both a simple and complex [...]

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