Let VOIP Empower Your Business This Black Friday

In the not too long ago past, business owners (let alone small business owners) didn’t have the luxury of VOIP on hold messages. Their phones would ring off the hook on busy shop days and precious customers could be lost forever, frustrated by the silence on the other end of [...]

Please Your Holiday Shoppers This Season

Now that Halloween is behind us, and November has officially arrived, we know what all you business owner’s are thinking… Retail season is upon us and people are ready to shop until they drop. 1) Everyone Loves Options Giving a clear navigation menu early in the call signals to your [...]

Why Not Updating Your IVR Message Can Be Scary

You can feel it in the air, can’t you? Now that Fall has officially fallen and Halloween is almost here, I think we can all agree it’s time to put all of the spooky possibilities out on the table… and scaring your customers off with an IVR message last recorded [...]

How to Save Your Voice with the Season Change

That time of year has finally arrived. The air begins to crisp, the leaves change colors and the allergies become, well, more than brutal. Our incredible, professional voice over talent keep their voices in tip-top shape, and we’ve got a few great tips on how you too can protect your [...]

Diversify Your IVR Message Today!

Friends, we live in a truly exciting moment in history. Be it humanitarianism or technology, the world is becoming more and more connected every day… and we here at Worldly Voices think that is pretty beautiful! Reaching out to communicate with one another in the spirit of brotherly love (or [...]

Ditch the Broken Record with Your Next IVR Recording

We’ve all heard it before… and we’ve hated every second of it. That sigh-inducing message (you know the one) that strikes fear into the heart of every caller’s urgent question, every inquiry, every, please just give me a little more information. That’s right, we’re talking about the dreaded, “your call [...]

Make a Sound Choice with Your VOIP Translations

From Spanish to Mandarin, Hindi to Arabic, we live in a diverse global marketplace that requires fluency in many of the world’s most-spoken languages. You can’t be expected to know it all when getting your message out on VOIP, and it all comes down to making a sound decision with [...]

Hold the Phone: On Hold Messages & Perfecting Your VOIP

We get it. When people think of on hold messaging, the greatest experiences usually don’t jump to mind… but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, a recent study reported that 88% of callers preferred on hold messages to the alternatives (ahem, we’re looking at you elevator muzak). [...]

How to Find Your Narrative Voice

Back to school season will be here before you know it, and e-learning is more popular than ever. But not all e-learning courses are created equally. A well-organized and successful e-learning course will have several components: multimedia presentations, cohesive lesson plans, and of course, the perfect narrative voice. If you [...]

How to Write a Great Voice Over Script

It’s no secret that writing for audio recording is a very specific kind of writing, and quite different than writing an essay for history class or a letter to send to a friend. Since we’ve been recording voice over scripts for more than 20 years here in Nashville, we’ve got [...]

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