Emergency Notification Systems

Whether you your business is in banking, the medicinal field, retail, or whatever else, it is important to consider your physical locations and how, if an emergency should occur, your customers would be notified. In this day and age it is no secret people are connected to their phones and [...]

How Automated Call Systems Help Increase Sales

Automated call centers contribute to many facets of business; customer concerns, surveys, and communication, but they can also contribute to sales. The contribution to sales comes from primarily a business’s ability to use an automated system to reach hundreds of people at once. This type of bulk calling allows hired [...]

Increasing Phone Survey Feedback

Business owners know that customer feedback is correlated with customer satisfaction, and business owners also know that the easiest way to go about attaining that feedback is by conducting a survey. There are several ways to get these surveys to customers, but the easiest and most cost effective way of [...]

Why Knowing your Demographic is Important

Before writing a script to send off to be recorded and produced, it is key to understand your own business and the audience, or customers, it’s trying to reach. This is called a demographic, and it is important for every business that needs marketing or works with people. Demographics give [...]

Recording Studios and your Business’s Credibility

Quality of work is important in all facets of the voice over industry and freelance voice artists can do a professional job. However, recording studios that specialize in voice over work, recording, and IVR could prove to be that extra push your business needs to boost your credibility. Using the [...]

Voice Over Work and Medical Trials

Voice Over studios and medical trials may not seem like they have any common business, but actually they have more to do with each other than you’d think. Within recent years, the voice over industry has begun to work more and more with the medical field recording training videos, voice [...]

How to Ask a Client to Leave a Review

Once a finished product is recorded, sent off, and approved it can be awkward to ask the client to leave a review on your website or Facebook business page. However, it really shouldn’t be. As an industry professional it is okay to ask for your clients or customers to praise [...]

How to Find the Perfect Voice for your Automated Needs

Selecting the perfect voice for your business’s automated needs can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be impossible. Most professional recording studios that specialize in producing voice over prompts, like Worldly Voices, have a catalog of voice over talent to choose from. And so, the most important step to finding the [...]

IVR and its Future Effects on Customer Service

The benefits of adopting an automated voice system are many: -Transferring callers to their desired line -Reducing overhead price and even staffing costs -Increasing work efficiency of current employees -Prioritizing calls -Efficiently handle high-volume calls -Personalize messages -Conduct surveys -Collect important data These benefits are crucial, and with technology advancing [...]

Why Picking the Right Voice is Important for Your Business’s Demographic

As a business, you want to put forth an automated message system using a voice that best fits your company’s or product’s demographic. There are many different sounding voice talents, with different dialects, accents, and timbres, and these are all wonderful, but for branding purposes, you want the voice talent [...]

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