Voice Over and The Automotive Industry

Imagine with us for a moment, if you will, the different sounds that come to mind when we mention the word, car. The rev of an engine. Probably a horn. Oftentimes when the automotive industry comes to mind we think of tires squealing before the sound of a human voice… [...]

Give a New Voice to Vacation

Let’s be real: we all need a break sometimes. We get stressed from work, the day-to-day grind, and honestly, who doesn’t just love a vacation? In today’s travel savvy world, tourists and globetrotters alike turn to the Internet for all their booking needs, however, that doesn’t mean the Internet alone [...]

Voices, Health, and E-Learning Narration

Now, we know that when you make a living off being a professional voice over artist, the health of your voice is everything. But did you also realize that your voice could mean everything to health? In our last blog, we discussed what a great opportunity medical voice narration is [...]

Why Medical Voiceover Narration?

We get it. There are many different paths one can take when getting into the voiceover industry: brand voicing, audiobooks and eLearning, documentary narration… The list can seem daunting and endless. So we understand why medical voiceover narration didn’t jump right out at you. However, we’re here to tell you [...]

Tips for Beginners: How to Succeed in the Voiceover Industry

Yes. It’s all happening. It’s something you’ve been thinking about for a long time. People have told you that you have a great voice, that you should really do something with it, and now (after careful thought and consideration) you’re finally ready to take the next step into the world [...]

How to Achieve Flawless Voice Over Translations

So you’ve finally made that first big decision for the next step in your business: it’s time to diversify the languages you offer in your VoIP messaging. Now that you’ve taken this first step, do you really think it is a good time to go all DIY for your audience? [...]

Silence is Golden: A Quiet Trick to Great Voice Over

In the twenty-plus years we’ve been recording professional voice overs in the Nashville area, we’ve picked up on a trick or two. For instance, tidy scripts are the most effective, always do a test round to make sure the nerves are all out and everything is being picked up properly, [...]

How Voice Over Helps Save Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an almost global celebration. With the exception of a few countries, it’s a day the whole world gets to pucker up and tell the ones they love the most how much they care. Here at Worldly Voices, we wanted to give the big day its proper due [...]

Understand Insurance in Any Language

Health. Automotive. Homeowners. Worker’s compensation. Name a reason you might need to be insured and we can tell you that there is a type of insurance that will cover you... But it is a tricky industry to navigate. With so many plans, premiums, claims and billing inquiries, trying to navigate [...]

Cold Weather Tips to Keep Your Voice Warm

Okay, okay, we give up. It’s officially winter. The temperatures have drastically dropped and as we know in the voice recording business, that can mean big trouble for our vocal chords. Coughs, sore throats, and colds start to wreak their havoc...But we’ve got a few great tips on how to [...]

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