Survey Strategies to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Happy Customers equal a successful business and the easiest way for a company or business to increase satisfaction, is to conduct surveys. Surveys done via phone are not only the most effective method of gathering data, but they are also efficient for reaching your entire client base. Surveys sent via [...]

Tips on Getting the Best Results from your Recording Studio

We already know that for the best quality voice prompts, using an experienced recording studio is usually the best bet, but to get exactly what you want from your studio, there are several things you can do to help: 1) Find a Studio that Fits: For instance, if you have [...]

IVR and Medical Billing

One of the many scripts Worldly Voices records, are voice prompts in regard to billing. This function of call systems saves everyone time and it will save your business money. Imagine calling dozens, even hundreds of customers at a time, using a recording, to inform them of payments due or [...]

Why Using a Professional Studio is Worth your Money

Because most businesses are making the switch to automated call centers, it is important to find a way to increase customer satisfaction in regard to customer service via the phone. One way to boost that satisfaction is by utilizing a recording studio that specializes in IVR and voice prompts. Studios [...]

Healthcare and Call Centers

Helping drive patient engagement, satisfaction, and optimizing revenue are all important results of healthcare facilities utilizing automated call centers. The quick transferring of phone calls by voice technology gets patients to the correct department. This quick transfer of information could be vitally important, especially when it comes to medical needs. [...]

Simple Ways to Get your Customers to Love IVR Systems

IVR gets a bad rap amongst the public, mostly because they don’t understand how IVR systems are actually working for them. When automated systems are utilized as a tool, they’re not just cutting company costs, they are also getting customers helped faster. Most customer calls can be handled quickly via [...]

Ways IVR Systems are Used in the Insurance Industry

Communications technology is the main force of change for the insurance industry. And in order for insurance companies to remain competitive, they need to adapt to installing an automated call system, a sequence of prompts and recordings that customers can call and navigate through via touch-tone or voice command. This [...]

Does your Business Need a Call Center?

Retaining customers is obviously the key to a business’s success therefore focussing on the advancement of customer service should be a main concern. Regardless of the size of a business, the ultimate goal is to increase sales and revenue and to do this, consumers need to feel heard and helped. [...]

Emergency Notification Systems

Whether you your business is in banking, the medicinal field, retail, or whatever else, it is important to consider your physical locations and how, if an emergency should occur, your customers would be notified. In this day and age it is no secret people are connected to their phones and [...]

How Automated Call Systems Help Increase Sales

Automated call centers contribute to many facets of business; customer concerns, surveys, and communication, but they can also contribute to sales. The contribution to sales comes from primarily a business’s ability to use an automated system to reach hundreds of people at once. This type of bulk calling allows hired [...]

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