IVR and its Future Effects on Customer Service

The benefits of adopting an automated voice system are many: -Transferring callers to their desired line -Reducing overhead price and even staffing costs -Increasing work efficiency of current employees -Prioritizing calls -Efficiently handle high-volume calls -Personalize messages -Conduct surveys -Collect important data These benefits are crucial, and with technology advancing [...]

Why Picking the Right Voice is Important for Your Business’s Demographic

As a business, you want to put forth an automated message system using a voice that best fits your company’s or product’s demographic. There are many different sounding voice talents, with different dialects, accents, and timbres, and these are all wonderful, but for branding purposes, you want the voice talent [...]

Benefits of Using Professional Studio to Produce Voice Narration in E-Learning Courses

Because professional recording studios have the capabilities and tools to produce quality voice narration prompts, it only makes sense to use one for the production of voice work in regards to E-learning. Voice narration in E-learning courses are especially important because the recordings produced are used to help educate thousands, [...]

How Worldly Voices has Influenced the Industry

Worldly Voices is a multi-language voice over studio with over 20 years of experience. Some of the many services they offer include quick turnaround of voice over prompts with the ability to translate scripts into over 35 different languages. With as many years as Worldly Voices has been in business, [...]

Tips on Script Building that Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Worldly Voices has over 20 years experience taking scripts and turning them into voice over prompts, therefore we are uniquely able to give your business tips on creating an effective script that will guarantee customer satisfaction. Scripts are something that customers will eventually hear and need, so a script should [...]

Voice Actors in the Studio

To get the best result from your voice acting studio production, it takes the creative and technical efforts of both actor and studio to produce the best sounding prompt. It takes the partnership between actors and professionals in the voice over recording industry to guarantee a client’s satisfaction and these [...]

Translation is Important, but Let’s Talk Globalization

In a previous blog we talked about the importance of accurate translations in the IVR and voice over business. But now let’s discuss the concept of translation as it applies to the globalization of technology. The progress made via the internet in connecting people and companies all over the world, [...]

Why Professional Studios are Perfect for Any Business’s Voiceover Needs

There are many freelance voice over actors who also produce their own recordings, and while they may be the cheapest option, the quality is far below par that of a professional recording studio. Studios that specialize in voice over recording and production are uniquely capable of handling any business’s IVR [...]

Translations and the IVR/Voice Over Industry

Worldly Voices is a Voice Over recording studio that specializes in the production of voice prompts as well as translating prompts into over 35 languages. These professional translations are paramount because many of the productions handled by voice over recording studios are for the medical field, and this is a [...]

How IVR Can Help Retail Business

If you aren't using IVR and automated voice message systems to help drive your business's sales, you should be. Not only can IVR increase company sales, but it can save your business money. IVR in regards to retail is really the most efficient way to drive sales as well as [...]

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